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Inadmissibility To Canada

A person is inadmissible to enter into Canada based on security, International rights, Serious criminality, organized criminality, health grounds, financial reasons, misrepresentation, Cessation of refugee protection, Non-compliance with Act and because of Inadmissible family member.

Inadmissibility based on the above mentioned criteria is clearly define in IRPA and the details along with the IRPA section reference is given below:

  • Security
  • Human or international rights violations
  • Serious criminality
  • Organized criminality
  • Health grounds
  • Financial reasons
  • Misrepresentation
  • Cessation of refugee protection — foreign national (IRPA 40.1 (1))
  • Cessation of refugee protection — permanent resident (IRPA 40.1 (2))
  • Non-compliance with Act
  • Inadmissible family member