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Refugee & Asylum

Convention Refugee

A Person In Need Of Protection

A person in need of protection is a person in Canada whose removal to their home country or country where they normally live would subject them personally to a danger of torture, a risk to their life, a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.

Port of Entry (POE) Claims

What is Port of Entry (POE) Claims and what is the procedure to make that claim?

POE claims are made at the time of entering Canada at the appropriate international border. It could be Canadian International Airport, Sea port or at border crossing area. They don’t need to attend an inland immigration office to make their initial claim.

All claims to refugee protection in Canada are initiated with forms and assessed at the POE. It is assessed by the intake officer at the port of entry. The POE claim procedure is very simple. Refugee claimant arrives at the POE, the CBSA officer will determine whether the claim is eligible or not.

Inland Claims

What is Inland Claims and what is the procedure to make Inland claim?

Inland refugee claims are made at any IRCC office in Canada. The claimant must make an appointment to file a claim which is typically a 2 weeks period.

The claimant lock-in date will be the time of their first arrival at Immigration. Claimant will be interviewed by an officer on the appointment date who will assess his eligibility. If successful, then claimant will be referred to IRB.

Inland refugee claims are made at any local immigration office designated for refugee’s intake in Canada. Claims are only heard at the larger cities like Toronto (Ontario), Montreal (Quebec), Vancouver (BC) where IRB is located.

Basis of Claim Form

The Basis of Claim Form is a crucial document that a refugee claimant must fill out for the Immigration and Refugee Board. It is used to determine if they have a valid claim. The claimant must complete it carefully and correctly. If information is missing, incorrect, or inconsistent, the Board could refuse the claim. In the BOC Form, you will give details about yourself (your identity, family, documents and travel history) and about why you are claiming refugee protection in Canada.

In short, the purpose of the Basis of Claim BOC Form is to present your refugee protection claim to the Refugee Protection Division (RPD).